So Long, Farewell… unless…

Hello to those of you that still might visit here every now and then.

Thank you SO much for your support and comments these years. I’ve loved sharing my cooking misadventures and adventures with you all.

I writing this to let you know that I will officially be done adding recipes and stories to this blog. (Though I will still leave it up for those that are searching for a particular recipe or my fun Pinterest followers.)

This isn’t the end to my blogging adventures, though. I’ve decide to change course and follow my current passions in a brand new blog: Lunges, Laundry, and Lipgloss. This blog will focus on my new endeavors in staying fit, raising three crazy kiddos, and maybe some fun lifestyle/shopping tips. Plus, I hope to drop a few recipes in there, too.

I hope that many of you will stop by and check me out – though it’s still a baby blog with just one post so far.

Take care.



2 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell… unless…

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