Cooking Traumas

I didn’t just start out not wanting to cook.  Many experiences have come together to cause my fear of the kitchen.  These may be some of the small reasons why I don’t like to cook…

Apple, Gorgonzola and Bacon Quiche (also turned out)

Samoas Cheesecake (or, the Trauma that actually turned out)

Almond *No* Joy Bites

Things I’ve Blown Up in a Microwave

Boston Cream Pie Disaster

Frozen Corn is Hard to Cook

So close, and yet so far

How to (almost) lose a guy in one date (or How NOT to cook your chicken)

Gourmet Cooking Club

A Knife in the Hand

The Smoking Pot

One thought on “Cooking Traumas

  1. Hello

    I found your blog off of Stonegable.

    I do not have a food blog. I, occasionally, do recipes, but I’m more of a parenting and travel blog mixed in with a lot of this and that, but as a mom to two children, I’m always looking for recipes and tips on meal planning. So, are my readers. I’ve looked at your content, and I think you would have some great tips for my readers. As a mom, sounds as if you go through a lot of the same things as we do.

    On August 1, I’m going to host a link up post for recipes, meal planning tips, or tools for kitchen organization to make meal planning easy. I want this to be one post that can help busy moms, grandmas or whomever meal plan for the month of August. We would love a post with tips, best practices or a new recipe. You have so many that you could rework some that you already have.

    My post from Saturday has more details. I hope you join me.



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