Serious Thinking

Hello, dear readers… if there are any of you left out there.  And if you are, I thank you so much for keeping this little blog on your list (or I thank you for forgetting to delete it. 😉 )

I’m going to try my very best to start cooking and baking again.  Not that I’ve quit completely, but I certainly have been fairly lack-a-daisical about it.  (By the way, I’ve always wanted to use that term in writing.  Yay, a new first already!)

Anyways, I have been doing a little baking, but pretty much no actual meal cooking, Hubs has taken completely over and I think I need to start stepping back up.  And I actually want to (which is crazy to me).

Having three kids definitely has it’s challenges, but I think now that the littlest is toddling around, I can set her up with something to do while I work in the kitchen.  (Even if it’s just giving her a fork and spoon – which she’s obsessed with right now).  Additionally my middle guy has decided this year that he wants to be a baker when he grows up and adores helping out in any way shape and form in the kitchen – so, I have a built in helper.  It’s just a matter of getting his buy-in to what I want to cook, not his favorites (pancakes, cookies, and cakes from a box).  That should be a (mis)adventure in and of itself.

Looking forward to sharing and hopefully hearing from some of you.

I’ve definitely missed it.

~ Courtney

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