Get tips from the best recipe websites online

4 Appetizing Food Blogs for Inspiration
Get tips from the best recipe websites online

Finding delicious recipes has never been easier. There are so many tasty foods and delicacies floating on the internet. Traditional cookbooks are often seasonal and may sometimes require a more complicated process. We’ll, if you’re looking for a recipe connoisseur, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is our definitive list of the best cooking inspirations we visit online.

1. Punchfork: The Ultimate Crowdsourcer
With its Instagram-like effect, the Punchfork is not just a recipe site, it is also a community. The food recipes being showcased here come from various social networking sites and food blogs. Obviously, the main inspiration you could draw from this platform is not mainly focused on food preparation, but also on food aesthetics. You’ll also get an idea how to make your dish picture-perfect.

2. Marks and Spencer
If you think that Marks and Spencer (M&S) is only known for fashionable outfits and beauty products, then, you’re wrong. Their online presence is one of the best sources for preparing scrumptious dishes for main courses, desserts, meat, fish and vegetarian. They even have ideas for no-cook snacks such as All-American Salad and sushi. The instructions on their virtual cookbook are easy-to-understand and are simply written, all indicating the number of servings, estimated to prepare and nutritional information. The images they present are also realistic and rather mouth-watering. Since M&S also have fresh flowers in stores, you can also purchase edible flowers that can be used as an ingredient such as cherry blossom, zucchini, basil, thyme and hibiscus.

3. Shiksa in the Kitchen
Unlike in other food blogs, Shiksa in the Kitchen has a resident guru named Tori Avey, who will guide you all throughout the entire cooking process. Some food preparations are embedded with YouRube videos of her while demonstrating the procedure. There are also images in each step, so you’ll be able to easily follow the recipe and achieve the desired output.

4. Meet The Dubiens
This isn’t technically a recipe website. But, for parents out there who’s looking for fun and appealing ways to keep your precious little kids on eating healthy food, Meet The Dubiens is for you. Clever mom Jill Dubbien will take you to the next level in building arts ‘n’ craft in the food you prepare. For example, a smiling ham, a turtle-assembled fruit salad or a Mickey Mouse cupcake.


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