Pregnancy Craving #3: Tart Fruit {French Apple Cake}

I see cooking two ways; I see it both as a science and as an art.

Usually, I take the science (aka the recipe) and tweak it here and there to my own preferences (the art).  My only exception is when I use recipes from America’s Test Kitchen… mostly because they have scienced the heck out of the recipe, and I trust their results.

I saw this recipe in Hubs’ monthly magazine and was super excited to give it a try.

The Recipe:

French Apple Cake, from America’s Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated

(I didn’t adapt it at all, so I thought I’d save myself the time of retyping.  🙂 Just click on the recipe title to find it.)

The Results:

Since this recipe used Granny Smith’s, I was looking forward to a tart and tasty dessert.  And after spending quite a while peeling, coring, and cutting apples, I knew I deserved it.

Everything else was pretty easy – and I liked trying new techniques that had been proven to be effective.

The only thing I wished I had done better was actually read the article about the cake… instead of just drooling over the picture.  Because, well, this did not turn out exactly as I’d expected.

For some reason, I was picturing a ‘coffee cake’ like texture with bits of tart apple thrown in.  Instead, the bottom layer is quite custard-y, which is a texture that wasn’t really that satisfying.  And all the apple bits were inlaid in the custard…

The top layer was very delicious, though, and the slightly crunchy crust made me very happy.

So, I think if I was prepared for the custard/cake mix, I probably would’ve really enjoyed it.  The flavor of the apples really showed through.  As it was, though, I was a little disappointed.


I didn’t even take a fun, styled picture of a slice.  Sorry!

I do have to say, it did get eaten, so it really wasn’t bad at all, I promise.

Though, I think I just might be switching back to chocolate cravings…

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Craving #3: Tart Fruit {French Apple Cake}

  1. I made an apple cake last Fall and really enjoyed it, though it wasn’t a Test Kitchens recipe. Judging by your description, I’m not so sure I’d prefer this one, though I agree with you about their recipes. I, too, follow them pretty much verbatim. Who am I to question the experts? Besides, whenever I’ve “disobeyed” them, the dish was a failure — just as they said it would. Know it alls!


  2. So delicious!!!! I had apple pie with vanilla ice cream cravings all the time with Miss A. She loves apples to this day! This would satisfy my cravings nearly any day of the week.


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