Best of Intentions…

Let’s just say that I picked out the next four or five recipes that I’d like to make…

And then our oven igniter broke.

(And of course, my choices are all baked goods.)

(And… it takes a week to get the replacement part since we have a ‘special’ oven.)

(The only good news is that this happened on Hubs’ cooking time, not mine.  So I cannot be blamed.)

But, I will be baking.


Just not this week.

Hope your kitchen adventures are going better than mine.  🙂

(Oh, and if you need a pregnancy craving idea… chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with potato chips sprinkled on top, yum!!)


3 thoughts on “Best of Intentions…

  1. I don’t believe your oven igniter broke. I think it was a self-inflicted wound to give you more time to relax and enjoy your ice cream. Oven igniters are like that. They really are. 😉


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