A very belated apology and some news…

I bet you were convinced I had given up on this blog…

(I almost believed it myself.)

But actually, I was taking a (very) necessary break. Because I’ve been sick. So sick that even the idea of cooking in the kitchen could make me feel like I was going to vomit.

Personally, I blame this little one for it:


Yep, I’m pregnant!!

And I’ve had pretty bad morning (aka ‘all day’) sickness.Ā  (Not Kate Middleton sick, but sick enough to ignore food and blogging for months on end.)

I’m still having good and bad days, and I’m awfully tired… but I do hope to return to the blog world at some point.

So, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.

But really, it’s been for the best reason.

Take care!

14 thoughts on “A very belated apology and some news…

  1. Congratulations Courtney!!! Sorry to hear about you not feeling too well, but as you say, it’s for the best reason! Think of all the little kitchen hands you’ll have one day to make up for time lost. Lots of love and hugs for you and family! šŸ™‚


  2. Congratulations Courtney! You know that we always say the sicker you feel the healthier the baby is, so you are going to have one delightful trooper in a few months. Take care of yourself and stay hydrated.


  3. Congratulations Courtney!!!!!! That is wonderful news (well not the morning/all day sickness…). I’m so excited for you. Rest well and can’t wait to hear more. I’ll be thinking of you. Merry Christmas Courtney!


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