Strawberry Freezer Jam, Year Two

I had to buy store jam last week.

This is the first time I’ve had to do this since last summer, and it made me sad.

And motivated.

We spent the sunny weekend at our good friends’ house and one of the bonus benefits was that they desperately needed someone to clear out their strawberry patch… we forced ourselves to help.

And, you all know what fresh-picked strawberries are good for… jam!

I’d only gotten one box of pectin, which made 6 cups… I have enough strawberries for about 4 more batches.

So check out last year’s simple recipe.  All it takes is some strawberries, a lot of sugar (which I choose to be in denial about), and quite a few dirty dishes – but it is so worth it.


Since we were on the road, I didn’t do a darn bit of cooking… but we did have some fun.

So I’ll leave you with some happy summer thoughts, photography-wise.

8 thoughts on “Strawberry Freezer Jam, Year Two

  1. Sweet pictures of your boy! Love the idea of homemade strawberry jam but don’t want to do the work. If you start feeling too guilty about all that sugar, just ship the rest of the jars my way 🙂

    Keep writing…


  2. It looks like you guys had a great time!!! Love the beach pics. And I just love being on the road in the summer – heck anytime of year. 🙂 Your jam looks fabulous. I can just imagine it spread on some warm toast. Mmmmm!


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