Cheesecake (Take Two), 200 Posts, and a Giveaway

This is not how I’d expected this post (recipe) to go.

I was going to come out, all my culinary guns a’blazing, showing off my growth with an awesome cheesecake to celebrate 200 posts.

But, alas, that was not to be.

Instead, things did not quite go right…

So, Wednesday was my husband’s birthday – and I had the whole day (foodwise) mapped out.  Breakfast in bed, lunch out, tasty dinner, and a lovely cheesecake (his favorite) since last year’s did not go according to plan.  I was going for gorgeous looking and delicious this year.

The morning was a whirl – as I cooked breakfast, made the cheesecake, and set up dinner in the crockpot.

The cheese cake was a recipe I’d found on and had almost 500 reviews with a culminating score of five stars.  I was confident it was going to be a snap.  And it seemed as if it were.  The only thing that threw me off was that the recipe said to take the cheesecake out after baking for 45 minutes and that it should be jiggly.  It even stated ‘do not overcook.’  So, I left it in about 5 minutes longer and then forced myself to remove it, jiggly, as the recipe said.

After that it needed to cool and then be placed in the fridge for 4 hours to firm up.  No problem.

And when I finally took it out and released the springform mold, it looked gorgeous!

No cracks and a perfect crust! I was so proud…

It wasn’t until I began to slice, that things started to go wrong.

Apparently, it had not set.

I was so thankful at this point that we did not have guests.

(Did I mention that I wasn’t feeling well, so our friends cancelled?)

(Oh, and the dinner I made was not eaten – I’ll share that story next post.)

All in all, it was not turning into great day for him (or me).

Isn’t this just what you’d want on your special day??

(And yes, I also made a delectable strawberry coulis that was totally wasted – for those interested, mix strawberries, honey, and a little lemon juice to taste in a blender until smooth.  Delish!)

I was so sad.  I really felt like I’d let Hubs down on his special day.  But, of course, he found the silver lining of throwing away the rest of the cake, “At least we won’t eat all those extra calories, right?”

Sure, I guess.

But I was so looking forward to all those calories.  (And I felt that I’d let him down.)

Anyways, after a little introspection, I’m feeling that this recipe was a lesson for my 200th post.  It was the Cooking Gods letting me know that I still have so much to learn – so they gave me a little humbling experience to drive in the point.  They wanted me to renew my desire to continue to grow as a cook; to take chances and gain from the successes and the failures.

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

(And, as the Cooking Gods are my witness, I will make a perfect cheesecake before post number 300!)

(Oh, and I’m going to spoil Hubs rotten on Father’s Day to make up for it.  So don’t feel too bad for him.)


Anyways, on to the really fun part of this post… the giveaway!

In celebration of 200 posts, I am giving away a $20 gift card to Williams-Sonoma to one of my lucky, lucky readers.  They have a ton of amazing culinary toys that are sure to please everyone.

To enter, leave a comment for the following:

First Entry:  Share your favorite recipe (and a link if you have one).  (I’m really looking forward to seeing these – always looking for new things to try. :) )

Second Entry:  Like Misadventures in Cooking on Facebook.  (If you already do, just leave a comment telling me you do.)  Or subscribe to receive emails in the box on the right.

Third+ Entries: Share this giveaway on your blog, on FB, on Twitter, or any other social media.  One extra entry for every time you share.

(Make sure that each of these is in a separate comment.  Enter your email in the comment form, so I can contact you if you win.  I will be choosing a comment using next Friday, June 22nd at noon, Pacific Time.)

Thank you all, once again, readers, for keeping me positive and encouraged – you certainly help me keep going after days like Wednesday!

Good luck!


60 thoughts on “Cheesecake (Take Two), 200 Posts, and a Giveaway

  1. I made a sugar cream pie once when we had guests, and it ran just like yours….Still not sure why, as I’d made it numerous times before with success, but, of course, it HAD to happen in front of company!!

    And I already “like” you on facebook.


  2. Here’s that sugar cream pie recipe. It’s an old fashioned Hoosier recipe that my great grandmother used to make….Decadent, but delish!

    Combine: Mix & add to dry:
    *1/3 cup flour *2 cups heavy cream
    *1 1/3 cup sugar *2 tsp. vanilla extract
    *1/2 tsp. salt *1 Tbsp. melted butter

    Pour into unbaked pie crust (homemade or store-bought). Bake at 325 until golden brown & raised and puffy. (Usually around 50 min.-1hour. It will deflate slightly as it cools and sets.) Let it cool to room temp (or refrigerate) to let it set completely before cutting. Refrigerate any remaining pie — if there is any!


  3. Congrats my friend on your 200th post.
    Please don’t feel too sad because of the cheese cake, we all have mishaps in the kitchen, just keep going and I know that before the 300th post you would have made many wonderful cheese cakes


  4. Congrats on 200 posts my friend and although this cheesecake wasn’t perfect your next one will be! 😀
    Awesome giveaway my friend! My favourite recipe is my secret chocolate chip cookie recipe I have finally revealed in my latest post! 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru


  5. Aw, Courtney. Don’t let a little thing like a runny cheesecake get ya down. We’ve all been there, one way or another, more times than we’d like to admit. Your Fathers’ Day cheesecake will be the best ever and, better still, you’ll be feeling good, too.
    I’ve liked you on FaceBook and one of my favorite recipes I posted last week. Straw & Hay pasta.


  6. That’s too bad your cheesecake didn’t come out! They are tricky little things… my favorite new york cheesecake recipe from cooks illustrated has you leave the cheesecake in the oven for a couple hours after it’s cooked so it can “cool.” It helps prevent cracking and such, too, and might help cook it all the way through. Maybe you can try that one next time? Good luck with your Father’s Day goodies! Can’t wait to see what you make 🙂


  7. Congratulations on your 200th post! Don’t sweat the cheese cake saga, as I am certain that the edges tasted fantastic. I am sure your husband was happy that you just thought about him to try to make the cheesecake in the first place. Take care, BAM


  8. I like you on facebook… and twitted your giveaway…
    Also will share your giveaway on my face book page

    Love Cheesecake but don’t have any recipe yet… but this is one of my favorite recipes that we use a few times a week.

    Not sure if you want a different comment for each, so hope this is ok.


  9. So many fave recipes. Here’s one: Bacon Deviled Eggs. Mash yolks of 12 hard-cooked eggs, add 10 oz cooked crumbled bacon, Best foods light mayo, a squire of yellow mustard, and salt and white pepper. Stuff the cooked whites and sprinkle with chopped chives. These are a huge hit at parties and cookouts.


  10. Oh Courtney! I so feel your pain. I too have had recipes go like this. Still, I think it’s something that you tried a cheesecake. Anything with cake and the name I go running the other way. I’m just terrible with cakes. My favorite recipe….hmmm. That’s a really tough one. I think probably hubby’s eggplant parm. We haven’t posted that one yet. That said, some of our French toast recipes are killer too. Congrats on 200 posts! Looking forward to the next 100 (and the next cheesecake). 🙂


  11. Cheesecake can be tricky so I feel your pain. I’m sorta weird that I usually have to improvise on recipes to have my greatest successes. Keep on fightin though!

    This is one of my favorite recipes we developed last year for the NFL recipe series: and it even tastes good in the warm summer months!

    Liked you on FB!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂


  12. Oh… now your comment on my blog makes complete sense, I thought you were speaking generally. I’m so glad to be catching up on reading, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this one. I really like how you can take a disappointing event on a special occasion and still triumph! You’re absolutely right.. what would there be for us if not something new to learn in the kitchen. How boring it would be to have mastered it all and have nothing new to try fiddling around with. You’ve given me a whole new perspective:) xo Smidge


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