Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Ice Cream

It’s been awhile since I’ve, um, ranted complained about Hubs.

I know you’ve all missed it.  I think Hubs did, too, since he pretty much did everything under the sun to drive me crazy while making this dessert.  (And he unintentionally reminded me why I usually cook when he is not in the building.)

Anyways, I’ll get back to the complaining in a minute.

On a completely unrelated topic, for those of you that have been married awhile, do you ever wonder what you were thinking when you registered for wedding gifts?  I do.  We have so many crazy contraptions that we hardly ever use that we thought we absolutely needed when registering (a shake maker, hot cocoa pot, etc.).  They were great for the novelty at first, but pretty much have been sitting on the shelves for the last 10 or so years.  One of those things that we hardly ever use is our ice cream maker.  (I actually forget we have one most of the time.)

When I saw it, while Hubs was cleaning out the garage, I decided it was very necessary to make some ice cream.  I was excited to try something new (as Hubs was only one who’d ever used the machine), and I wanted to infuse it with a little Girl Scout Cookie love.

I found a well-reviewed dark chocolate ice cream recipe on Food.com – and was going to use it, except for adding the cookies at the end.

But, no, that did not happen.  As the expert, Hubs, was in the building.  And he had better plans (according to him).

The Recipe:

Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Ice Cream, inspired by Food.com  (but really from Hubs)

4 oz unsweetened chocolate

1 c milk

1 c heavy cream

3 egg yolks

1 c sugar

1 t vanilla extract

1 pinch salt

10 thin mint cookies, crushed


rock salt (or ice cream salt)

Chop chocolate into slivers and melt in microwave safe bowl in microwave (Hubs did 2 minutes at 90%, and it came out perfectly melted).  Set aside

In medium saucepan, heat milk and heavy cream on medium low to the temperature of warm bath water (technical, I know).  Add melted chocolate and whisk until smooth and incorporated.

In separate bowl, whisk together egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy.  Add a small amount of chocolate mixture to eggs and mix to temper.  Then add the egg mixture into the saucepan, stirring.  Continue to heat on medium until the custard mixture starts to get thick.

Stir in vanilla and pinch of salt.

Place in bowl, cover, and let cool in the refrigerator 1-2 hours.  Move to freezer and allow to cool another hour.

Add mixture to ice cream maker and follow the instructions for your machine – using the ice and rock salt.

Once the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, remove from machine.  Stir in cookies and place in plastic container.  Freeze until hardened and then enjoy.

{Printable Recipe}

The Results:

Let’s start at the beginning.

I was really looking forward to doing this.  On my own.  Hubs saw me prepping, read the recipe, and informed me I would be doing it all wrong.  He then educated me on what I should do instead.  And when I say educated, I mean he completely took over.

He cut the chocolate.  He melted the chocolate.

I was allowed to measure the milk and cream. Exciting, I know.

He separated the eggs.  He let me add the sugar and attempt to whisk.  Apparently, I had the wrong whisk.  He got the right whisk and whisked the eggs.

I got to stir the chocolate into the milk, but he came over to double-check I did it right.

He let me attempt to add some chocolate to the eggs mixture – but when I accidentally bumped his hand while he was whisking, he did it instead.  He added it to the rest of the chocolate.

I got to stir while it heated.  Woo-hoo!

He decided when it was thick enough and had me pour it in a bowl to cool.  And lucky me, I got to put the bowl in the fridge!

The rest we did together.  Or I did with his advice and supervision.  You get the picture.

There were lots of deep breaths taken.  And reminders to myself that he was only trying to help.  And thoughts of the deliciousness that would be mine when it was finished.

But then, to my disappointment, I saw this sad small amount of finished ice cream.  It was supposed to make a quart, but it turned out to be more like a pint.  All that work and frustration for a pint of ice cream.  Grrr!

I was still hopeful that when it froze, it would at least taste amazing.  And it sure did look good…

And it was good, very rich and chocolate-y with little crunches of cookie mixed in.  My only complaints were that the mint cookies were over-powered by the chocolate, and that it was a touch grainy in texture.  If you were to try it, I would strongly suggest adding more cookies and perhaps a splash of mint extract to give it that extra boost of flavor.

I probably won’t be making this again, though.  It was a lot of work (though I didn’t do too much of it) and a lot of time for such a small amount of ice cream.

I think a pint of Ben and Jerry’s might suit me just fine.

And it’ll guarantee the continuation of my marriage.


12 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Thin Mint Ice Cream

  1. I use my ice cream make in waves — sometimes all the time, and then it sits for a couple years — but I have the BEST Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recipe book. You may have just inspired me to break out the ice cream maker again!


  2. Nothing like a strong will man to make things interesting in the kitchen. My wife and I go back and forth on cooking a lot, but have finally come to one conclusion. One person is always the chef and the another is the sous-chef.


  3. I think it looks amazing but I can totally understand.. sometimes when you deal with a hard recipe or a time consuming recipe.. you’d just rather buy it already done in the supermarket. I know I do lol. But I think it does look delish


  4. Oh, boy, and I thought it was tough having a hubby who won’t ever help cook in the kitchen. I’d imagined all sorts of romantic evenings with glasses of wine and chopping veggies side by side. I guess that’s only in movies;) And if anyone comments that their hubs does.. well, I’d be jealous as can be!! I also had a brainstorm.. what if we got together with friends and everyone brought one gift/gadget that they never use and you did some sort of trade?? And do it again in a month or so… it would be fun!! I’ve always wanted to apple corer and would never buy one. Now..as for your ice cream… I adore thin mints and I thought it turned out sooo cold and creamy looking!! And if the amount was too small, one might just not be able to share it with a certain someone… just sayin’…


  5. How ironic I was just thinking about purchasing an ice-cream maker. I am sold if you served me up your girl scout cookie chocolate goodness. On the other hand it could be dangerous to have this type of equipment on hand if the results looked this good. Dilemma……


  6. LOL! I was just shopping with a friend this weekend and I told her that I don’t think we should have wedding showers. I think we should have 10-year anniversary showers. Because like you said we register for all this stuff without really knowing anything (well at least I didn’t) and then when you do know more about cooking and what you’ll really need, well, you don’t have any of the stuff you’d really like. I need another shower. LOL. 😉

    And this post cracked me up. Mike and I have a tendency to do this to each other depending on the recipe. 😉


  7. You know what? You tried! You learned! You shared! That’s important! It looked good too! I agree with you that some things are just too much trouble than their worth. Kudos to you!! P.S. If you get that B&J cookbook, will you share? 🙂


  8. you know I have an ice cream maker and never used it! I bought it over 12 years ago! I thought the samething when reading directions, seemed like a lot of time to make a small amount of ice cream. Well at least you gave it a try and the end result looks great!


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