First Bloggoversary and a Little Giveaway

What can I say?

I’ve made it a whole year.  365 days.  And I cooked – on average three times a week.  (For most people, it probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but for me, that’s amazing.)

135 posts, over a thousand comments, and tens of thousands of visitors.  It has been one heck of a year.

I’ve had ups and downs, frustrations and successes, but I never once gave up.

But most of all, I’ve actually had fun!

I think back to my first entry – and I realize how far I’ve actually come…

I can now use a knife – with authority.

I can now cook with raw meat – and not freak out.

I can now cook with Hubs in the room – and not want to kill him.  (Well, at least most of the time.)

I still need to work on reading a recipe carefully before I begin.  But I’m certainly better at it than I was before.

My favorite thing I’ve learned is how supportive the food blogging community is – whether you’re a writer, reader, or both.  Anytime I’ve had a question (and not wanted to ask Hubs), I’ve gotten a thoughtful and helpful answer.  Anytime I’ve felt discouraged, I’ve gotten several comments with encouragement and reassurance that I was doing fine – and that things would get better.  You don’t know how much that means to me.

So, that being said, I want to thank all of you.  I feel like I have been embraced by the blogging world and am so happy to have the friends I’ve made through this little adventure of mine.

Now for the fun part.  I am going to be giving away a $20 gift card to Sur la Table.  It’s not a huge prize, but a small way I can say thanks to you.  Here’s how to enter…

First Entry:  Tell me about your biggest cooking misadventure.  (I’m really looking forward to reading these. :))

Second Entry:  Like Misadventures in Cooking on Facebook.  (If you already do, just leave a comment telling me you do.)  Or subscribe to receive emails in the box on the right.

Third+ Entries: Share this giveaway on your blog, on FB, on Twitter, or any other social media.  One extra entry for every time you share.

(Make sure that each of these is in a separate comment.  Enter your email in the comment form, so I can contact you if you win.  I will be choosing a random comment on Monday, January 16th – at naptime, early afternoon Pacific Time.)

Cheers to another year of growth and good food!


55 thoughts on “First Bloggoversary and a Little Giveaway

  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!! You have made it to your 1 year Blogaversiary. I am so glad to call you my friend and although I’m not blogging right now, I cant wait to get back in and add my misadventures to your list. Love and hugs to you for making it though your first year as a blogger. I can’t wait to see what else you will do!!! Cheers, Kate


  2. Congrats on the one year mark. I’ve had many misadventures, but I’ll take you back to college for this one. I didn’t realize that if you were making a meatloaf you couldn’t just shape five pounds of meat into a loaf and cook it. It was pretty inedible. No filler whatsoever. Also, 40 garlic chicken, well not everyone is cut out for that. I was fine, but …. well I’ve never made it since. (My e-mail should be in the comment already, let me know if it’s not.)


  3. The week before this past Christmas it was my turn to bring treats for work, so i thought I would make some Christmas cookies. everything was goin as planned and I had my scotcheroos in the over while I was making my choc chip cookie dough. as soon as I mixed everything together I second glanced at the recipe. to my surprise I added way too much baking soda (well not really but at the time it was dramatic). I couldn’t save my dough and when I got my scotcheroos out of the oven, I found out I messed that dough up too! the cookies were flat, burnt,, and glued to my baking sheet. I had an emotional breakdown and cryied for about 20 mins. i had wasted so much dough and supplies, I ruined my baking sheet, and didnt have anything to make for my treat day. thank goodness Walmart is 24hrs! (side note: I don’t usually have a breakdown like that….the vey next weekI found out I was pregnant).


  4. My biggest cooking midadventure! Mmmm, let me think! Probably making oatmeal too early in the morning and spicing it up with cumin intstead of cinnamin all I saw was the “min” part of the word and didn’t realize it until the entire family was gagging! lol

    Congrats on your bloggaversary! 🙂


  5. Biggest misadventure, I’m not sure but just this past Christmas I made chocolate fudge for the first time and the first time around it was DELICIOUS so I made it again thinking it would go over really well. So I put it in the (in-laws) family gifts and packed the extras in with the stuff I was taking down to my dads (we were headed down state for my step-moms funeral and to spend a few days with my dad afterward). We got down there and a little while later I grabbed a piece to try (I hadn’t even thought to test that batch, the first one had turned out so well) and it was so salty, I couldn’t eat it, it was was NASTY!!! I must have used the wrong measuring spoon to measure the salt! So I texted my MIL real quick to tell her not to eat the fudge, that I must have measured the salt wrong….Just the other day she confessed to having tried it and not liking it and wondering if it was just the recipe or if I didn’t know what I was doing, LOL I told her I would make another batch and let her try it. it really is an awesome fudge if you make it right!!! =)


  6. My biggest cooking misadventure was trusting Emeril Lagassee when he said to roast a chicken in the oven at 500°! The whole kitchen started smoking and all the smoke alarms in the whole house went off 3 different times and the kids got scared everytime and would start screaming and crying. It was so miserable, I just gave up and threw the whole chicken away. I sure learned my lesson! 😛


  7. Happy blogiversay, Court!! Such a great milestone. I absolutely love following your blog. I already ‘like’ you on Facebook. 🙂 I’d say one of my misadventures was trying to make homemade mayonnaise. I was using too large of a bowl for the amount of oil and wasn’t whipping it fast enough so I was basically left with a HUGE bowl of oil staring back at me (had to dump the entire thing out). I whined to my mom–adamant that I followed the directions correctly–but low and behold, I was wrong. My mom, of course, was right and with a bit of her help, I eventually created some delicious mayonnaise/aioli!


  8. Congratulations Courtney! I’m so excited for you. It is such a fun milestone and a big accomplishment. 🙂 Yay! I’m very happy to have found your blog and gotten to follow along on your not-so-misadventures. 😉

    As for my biggest misadventure…it’s easily the grease fire I started while making french fries in our first year of marriage. I didn’t cook back then – at all. Except pasta. I should not have been left in charge of the fries. Mike was out with the grill. He came back into the apartment just in time to see me running for the door, smoke everywhere and flames shooting up from the stove. He got the extinguisher and got the flames out just before the sprinklers came on. I can only imagine what would have happened if water hit that grease fire! Ack! Needless to say it was a mess. Our apartment flooded, the apartment below us flooded and we lost nearly all of our furniture. If this doesn’t convince people to get renter’s insurance, I don’t know what would. Fortunately we had it, so it all worked out fine. But I have not fried french fries since. And the past few times I’ve fried anything – I have a deep fry thermometer and extinguisher on -hand.


  9. Congratulations Courtney! I am so glad I have gotten to know you and your blog. It has been such fun and I do love what you said about the blog community. We are a weird little bunch but pretty nice and welcoming. I think this is an AWESOME giveaway! I love Sur La Table and I will definitely tweet and FB it around. I closed my second FB account because I got hacked already! WEIRD. I am totally ridiculously BAD at social networking. To epic proportions I’m afraid. I have this Twitter thing down though and Pinterest so I am getting there. For some reason FB has been an evil beast for me to conquer.


  10. HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I just love visiting your space and I will continue too :). I think I already have you on facebook but I will certainly have to check. And I can’t think of any cooking misadventures right now, maybe because I’m stuffing my face at this very moment, but I will definitely have to come back and share if I can remember any lol. Congrats again 🙂 *HUGS*


  11. Congratulations Courtney.I love following your blog and reading your posts.You did a brilliant job and came a long way, I am really proud of you.
    My biggest cooking misadventure was in my first year of marrage, I wanted to make white bean stew and mum suggested making it with the pressure cooker to save time.That was my first time using a pressure cooker.
    I cooked it for 20 minutes and then I tried to open it (without venting the steam), I tried and tried and then called my husband to help and it won’t open. It’s a blessing it didn’t because if it did it would have been an explosion of steam. After 30 minutes of trying my father in law dropped by to give my husband some papers and told us to vent the steam.You can imagine how embarrassed I was.


  12. I think I forgot to tell you about my biggest cooking Misadventure…I left a pie weight in the crust and baked the Lemon Meringue Pie for my father-in-law’s birthday dinner. He almost broke a tooth on it when he bit down. Holy sh** that was a really bad one! 😦


  13. Woo hooooooo for 1 year! That’s awesome!! Oh man I have so many misadventures. Once early on in our marriage I tried to serve my husband “Rach Chicken”…only it was porkchops. Oops. It was pretty unappetizing!


  14. The worst, worst, worst adventure was when I was cooking dinner for my father-in-law. I took a bag of frozen green beans from his freezer and warmed up for dinner. Well I was a very young newlyweg and a very clueless cook. I had no idea that the beans were fresh green beans. Needless to say they were raw when we we attempted to eat them. Blush!!


  15. What a sweet post! I don’t think I qualify for the giveaway because I’m Canadian, but good luck to the others.

    For the record, my biggest cooking misadventure was pouring salt into cookie batter as a 13-year old, and having the lid of the salt shaker fall off! Those cookies were unredeemable!


  16. Congratulations on your first year! LOVE Sur la Table! My first mis-adventure was, like many, during my newlywed years. We had received a new charcoal grill as a wedding gift, and invited some friends over for dinner. I was cooking chicken on the grill. Not a horrible disaster, but tried to serve everyone chicken that was raw inside. I made the mistake of thinking that when it was nicely browned on the outside, the inside would magically be done too! Everyone was good sports about it, although it was mentioned in jokes for years to come!


  17. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! What a HUGE deal! I was sent over by Sweet and Crumbly (she put it on her page). Here’s to many more happy years!

    I almost set my electric stove on fire boiling water once….I was SO new to cooking, I didn’t realize that you shouldn’t fill the water to the tippy-top!


  18. Hi Courtney, congratulations! You have come so far from that first post indeed. I have been most impressed with so many of your recipes, great job really! As far as my entry goes, I’m not actually entering but it would have to be the list outlined here… mash shortcut gone wrong, souffles and the like.


  19. Making cookies and using half the amount of sugar that it said in the recipe. They turned out sooo awful and had no taste. 😦
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com


  20. Oops, I forgot my misadventure…and we all have them….I would have to say that it was the Barefoot Contessa Grilled Flattened Chicken that I carefully boned myself and wrapped bricks in foil to flatten. When I got it on the grill, having followed all the instructions, the thing went up in flames in a big way. My husband was on the roof cleaning out the gutters wondering why it looked like our patio was on fire. Lesson learned – own a fire extinguisher and keep it handy! Again, congrats on your anniversary!


  21. A wonderful post! And I couldn’t agree more, the blogging community is the best part of blogging. I already like you on Facebook, but that’s OK, because living so far away in Australia it’s better if the prize goes to a US or Canadian blogger. But I will share a cooking misadventure with you! When I was first learning to cook I was trying to make an asian chicken broth my brother always made and I loved. I invited lots of our friends around and said I’d make it before we went out to a party. But as I was inexperienced when I was looking for the main and most important ingredient, cilantro, I instead bought flat leaf parsley. It never tasted right and I kept adding more and more of the parsley in knowing it was the green herb that I (thought) I loved so much! The result? Over boiled chicken which tasted so strongly of parsley it was positively medicinal. Urgh. We ate out in the end. But man do I check my herbs before buying them now! Love reading your blog, glad i meet you here.


  22. Honestly I don’t have misadventures often but recently I had a good one. Last Saturday I wanted to make pancakes and waffles. I often just use the same batter even though the waffle is a little heavier. Well, the waffles and pancakes did not rise, at all. They were these flat rubbery blobs. I realized that I had left out the baking powder, so I added some to the leftover batter, but I accidently put in baking soda, but fortunately I realized my mistake before I mixed it, so I grabbed a Ladel, and scooped out the baking soda, added some baking powder trying to guess how much less I needed for the batter since I had used some, and thrown out some, and finally the pancakes and waffles were pretty good, but man was it ever a long road to get there!


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