As you all know by now, my oldest is turning five.

And birthdays are a BIG deal in my family.  We kinda go all out – and it’s usually a multi-day event.

With his birthday being so close to Christmas, we really try to make it very special for him.  This year he requested a Grinch-themed party, and we were more than happy to oblige.  To find a little inspiration, I spent about several hours a little time on Pinterest searching for fun Grinchy things.

Now, the party isn’t until Saturday, so today is just a sneak peek of some of the ideas that I’m going to do my best to interpret for my boy…

Let’s start with the food (since I’m sure that’s why you usually check out my blog).

Of course we’ll have some who-pudding…and some rare who roast beast sandwiches.

To drink, we’re going to have some green punch inspired by this:

Grinch Punch Recipe


And you can’t have Grinch punch without some of these tasty ice cubes:

Pinned Image


For dessert, I’m combining some cupcake ideas from these:



Pinned Image


We will be playing Pin the Antler on Max and be racing to see how fast we can un-decorate a Christmas tree.  With presents and time to eat, I’m hoping that’ll keep us occupied for the whole party.  (Because you never, never want un-occupied four and five year olds, trust me.)

The good news is, I didn’t have to pick up hardly any decorations.  With our regular Christmas decor and my mom’s Grinch-extravaganza collection (she collected Grinch stuff several year during the holidays), we’re all Grinched up.  🙂

I’m completely in prep-mode right now, so I’m hoping to be pretty much set by tomorrow night.  I’ll try to post some pictures then – if not, I will definitely get them up by Sunday.

(If I survive, of course.)


9 thoughts on “Grinchspiration

  1. Oh my goodness.. I absolutely love everything you have.. especially the gummy worms. They are my favorite lol. And I can spend hours on Pinterest too.. its so addictive lol. Your son is going to have an amazing birthday 🙂


  2. Omg, this is so adorable! Very creative. I go all out around the begining of March and do posts on the birthday of Dr. Seuss. I’ll have to book mark this page and reference you when I do my birthday trubute post on Dr. Suess’s birthday! Happy birthday to your 5 year old son!


  3. Everything here is too cute and fun for words Courtney. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Your son is lucky, lucky, lucky to have such a super fun mom. I am curious how your are going to make those red cupcakes. I can’t quite figure out how it gets that high…all frosting? or is there something else under there? I will go to the link I guess to see. Have a great time! P.S. I emailed you today.


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