Chocolate Coconut Cookie Bars

I have a small obsession with the chocolate/coconut combination.

(You may have noticed it here and here and even here.)

I don’t know why I love it so much – I just know that my children’s Almond Joys and Mounds from Halloween have suddenly disappeared (do not look in the very back of my freezer, behind the chicken nuggets, please).

So, my oldest was a little under the weather, and I had decided to keep him home from school.  This was the second full day we had stayed home. (All day.  With two boys.)  Some of us were going stir-crazy.  I needed a fun way to get the boys busy, so I figured we could bake something together.  I searched around my house to see what we had on hand, and crazily enough, we had chocolate and coconut.  Who would’ve guessed?

I quickly found this recipe that was just what we needed.

(And yes, ironically enough, this time it was an adult recipe.)

The Recipe:

Chocolate Chip Coconut Bars, from Dessarts

2 c all-purpose flour

1 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

1 1/2 sticks butter

2/3 c sugar

1/3 c brown sugar

2 eggs

2 t vanilla

8 oz chocolate chips

1 c sweetened shredded coconut

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees and butter a 9×13 pan.

Sift together the flour, baking soda, and salt.  In a stand mixer, combine the butter, sugar, and brown sugar until light and fluffy.  Slow down the mixer and add the eggs one at a time and then the vanilla.  Add the dry ingredients to the batter and mix until just combined.

Spread half of the batter into the pan and then add the chocolate chip on top of this layer.  Combine the coconut into the remaining batter and spread it over the chocolate chip layer.

Bake for about 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

{Printable Recipe}

The Results:

Right off the bat I was drawn to this recipe because of how the chocolate was sandwiched in between the dough.  I didn’t realize, though, how difficult it might be to spread that dough.  I’ll back get to that in a minute.

Making the dough was easy – even with my helpers.  My youngest just loves watching the whole process, while my oldest is all about dumping in ingredients and turning the mixer on and off.  (Unfortunately all pictures of them turned out blurry, so you’ll just have to take my word that they were having fun.)

Now, it was when we went to add the dough to the greased pan, that things got a bit harder.

The dough was really sticky, except where it was touching the butter.  So basically, it slid around on the bottom and stuck to our spatula on top.  Finally with a combination spatula/metal spoon/clean finger method, we were able to make it work.

Adding the chocolate chips was fun for all – though when we make this again, I would definitely use the whole 12 oz bag, rather than just the 8 oz suggested.

It was much easier to add the top layer, mostly because there was a lot more of it, after adding the coconut.  All I pretty much had to do was drop it by big spoonfuls and just barely spread it out.

It took a bit longer than 25 minutes in our oven, but we kept a careful eye on it.  (Literally, my four-year old did his best to sit in the kitchen and watch the stove.)  The edges turned out a little crisp, but that was because there was less dough there.  I’ll be sure to keep everything an even thickness next time.

But the center pieces… oh, look at the melding of the dough, chocolate, and coconut.  Insert stomach growl now.

These were a huge hit – and a great distraction.

I’m raising my kids right – to like to bake and to enjoy the chocolate/coconut combo.

I’m a good mom.

(That day, at least.  😉 )


12 thoughts on “Chocolate Coconut Cookie Bars

  1. I’m glad you’re indoctrinating…errr…teaching your children to love coconut at an early age. I grew up eating coconut in foods as a child and I love it now. My hubs never had the stuff until he was an adult, and now he can’t stand it.

    Still, there’s no harm in making a pan of these bars for MYSELF and not sharing, is there? 😉



  2. My grandma used to make these for us when we were little. She called them “Magic Bars”. They were indeed magical and yours are definitely keeping up with the previous cookie bars’ reputation. They look wonderful and what a nice way to spend the day with your kids. Hope your son gets better FAST before mommy goes even stir crazier. I remember those days all too well. Believe it or not (warning…bad mommy confession)…if they just had a cold or something non stomach buggish, that was our one day we would go to McDonald’s. Because I needed to get out and they could stay in the car and someone else would make all our food even if it was pretty bad food. I know, they should have been eating more healthfully at that moment, not less, but that’s what I did and we lived to tell about it.


  3. LOL! I can completely relate to the stir crazy thing when you’re home for a few days in a row. This looks like a good remedy though. My son would love this recipe!!! 🙂


  4. Just found your blog, and we have some things in common (one new cook to another). I am a current kindergarten teacher — I noticed you said that was your previous gig. Looking forward to checking out your blog again.


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