Lime-y Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa

I just learned the proper way to pronounce Quinoa earlier this year.

(Keen-wah – for those who are still struggling.  And I include Hubs in that group – even though I’ve corrected him about a bazillion times.)

I was, of course, intimidated by this grain (or pseudocereal, as I’ve learned through Wikipedia) – which isn’t a surprise since I’m pretty much intimidated by anything I’ve never cooked before.  Plus, Hubs had never made it either, so I couldn’t rely on him for advice.  I’d be completely on my own with this culinary experiment.

But, I was curious.

And I found a fairly easy recipe, with lots of add-ins I knew we’d love.

So I went for it, full-speed ahead.

The Recipe:

Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa, adapted from

2 t grated lime zest

2 T fresh lime juice

2 T unsalted butter, melted and cooled

1 T vegetable oil

1 t sugar

1 c quinoa (cooked according to box directions)

1 (15-oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained

2 medium tomatoes, diced

3 green onions, chopped

1/4 c chopped fresh cilantro

Whisk together lime zest and juice, butter, oil, sugar, 1/2 t salt, and 1/4 t pepper in a large bowl.

Add quinoa to dressing and toss until dressing is absorbed.  Then stir in remaining ingredients and salt and pepper to taste.

The Results:

Look at those directions.

Seriously easy – though I have to admit, we cooked the quinoa according to the boxed instructions, rather than the more complicated epicurious ones.  Now, that wasn’t because I was lazy, but because my boys had decided the sieves we had were toys.  They basically destroyed them earlier this month (using them as musical instruments to bang on the hardwood floors).   So I had to change my plans a bit, but I really don’t think it made much of a difference.

We still had the mini-sieve, and I did use this to rinse and drain the quinoa several times.

After cooking, I also let the quinoa sit, with a towel under the lid, for 5+ minutes, to let the steam soak out a bit.  I think this made it a little more fluffy (though really, I have no idea, since this was my first quinoa experience – pretty much making assumptions now).

The dressing was also really easy to make.  I admit, I did go a little overboard with the lime zest and juice.  But we love lime, so it wasn’t a bit deal for us.

And all the add-ins were things we loved…

Which meant the results were absolutely amazing.  This was one of my most-favorite recipes ever.  The combination of the lime and cilantro, with the sweet tomatoes (the last from our garden), added to the light taste of the quinoa – yum, yum, yum!!  I think I had thirds or fourths, it was that good.  (And I didn’t feel bad at all because it was healthy, too!)

It was a big hit with the family, too.

Make this.


You won’t regret it.


13 thoughts on “Lime-y Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa

  1. This looks fantastic! And it sounds so easy! Yay! I know my family would love this version as well. The kids are big black bean fans (and also fans of musical sieves!). 🙂 Have a great weekend!!


  2. I will definitely be trying this! By the way, I make quinoa in my rice cooker all the time, just put it on the white rice setting, no rinsing or anything and it is perfectly fluffy every time! A super easy way to do it if you plan on making it more often (and Costco sells it in a big bag much cheaper than the stores usually have it for).


  3. I love quinoa and your combination of flavors.. it’s a complete meal in one too! I also buy the Costco brand… cheaper and throw it in everything. A friend reminded me of a cookbook Quinoa 365 and it’s chocolate cake recipe. She’s celiac and that cake is, apparently, fantabulous!!


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  5. This looks sooo good! I’ve never made quinoa before, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten it before either… I feel like I’m missing out!! This has all sorts of goodies that I love in it. I’m definitely going to have to try this.


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