Seven Links Challenge

The weather has been gray here all week.

Usually that would make me want to snuggle in, read a good book, and bake something delicious to smell-up my house.  But for some reason, it’s making me tired (well, that and lack of sleep from four-year-old nightmares and one-year-old 5am wake up calls).

I’m pretty much just trying to make it until my husband comes home, so I can have some sort of stimulating adult conversation.

Writing helps, though.  I feel like I can be an adult for the brief moments I’m allowed to be on the computer.  So I thought I would complete the Seven Links Challenge that I’ve been putting off.

Here’s a recap of some my highlights/lowlights from the last nine months:

1. Most Beautiful Post

Now this was hard – not because I have SO many beautiful posts, but because I’m really not a great photographer.  I’m trying to get better with my little point-and-shoot, but frankly, I’m pretty inconsistent.  Here’s the post I thought looked the best:

Panzanella Salad and

Tuscan Shrimp.

I loved the way the colors compliment each other.  It’s bright, bold, and hey, my pictures are even clear!

2. Most Popular Post (via stats)

Thai Chicken Tacos

Now this was awhile ago (back when my pictures were smaller), and for some reason, people just keep coming back to these tacos.  Maybe because they are tasty and healthy, too.   Always a great combination.

3. Most Controversial Post

Huh?  I’m not too sure what I’m looking for here… but I think one of the few times I’ve been questioned on a recipe is this one:

Almond *No* Joy Brownie Bites

Basically the question was, how can then be based on Almond Joys if there aren’t any almonds involved.  I know, big, big controversy.

4. Most Helpful, or “How to” Post

Well, I really don’t have too many of these… if anything, I have several “how not to” posts.  So I’ll share my favorite “how not to” post instead.

How to (almost) lose a guy in one date (or How NOT to cook your chicken)

Sorry, no pictures for this – and honestly, you wouldn’t want to see them.  This story chronicles Hubs and my early dating – and how one piece of raw chicken could’ve ended our happily ever after.

5. Most Surprisingly Popular Post

Peach Galette

You might remember this mini-disaster as a recipe I’d like to move on from… but I can’t seem to.  I get more hits on this post from search engines.  Who knew Peach Galettes were so popular??

6. Post that Didn’t Get the Attention it Merited

Very Lemon Chicken and Results

This one obviously got no attention because it was my very first post – and no one was reading at all.  And I find it sad, because this recipe is amazing – and now, super-duper easy to do.  If you’ve ever thought chicken piccata was difficult, just check this recipe out.  You won’t believe the flavor.

7. The Post You are Most Proud of

To date, this was the most complicated, involved, stretching my cooking skills recipe…

Grilled Chicken Sliders with Roasted Tomatoes and Mozzarella

From beginning to end, this recipe was completely from scratch.  I still can’t believe I accomplished it.  (I do thank Caroline, from Sweet Caroline’s Cooking for the step-by-step instructions that were SO helpful!)

So, there you go.

A little taste, you might say, of my blog.

And now, to pass this on to seven other bloggers.  (By the way, I won’t be offended at all, if you choose not to do this.)

Ashley at Baker By Nature

Kate at Calamity Kate’s Kitchen

Sawsan at Chef in Disguise

Val at Val’s Gluten Free Favorites

Martyna at Wholesome Cook

Stefanie at A Dash of Sugar and Spice

Kristy at Eat, Play, Love

Happy linking!

5 thoughts on “Seven Links Challenge

  1. Oh hey Courtney! Thank you so much for the link up 😀 As I’m currently doing the Get Your Jelly On challenge with daily recipe posts until 30 October, I might do my post on the 31st? Is there a time limit on this?

    Thank you again lovely!


  2. Thank you for selecting me! I already did a 7 link challenge a little ways back, but thanks so much for thinking of me! Keep up the good work! You’ve got great looking recipes on here 🙂


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