Blackberry Freezer Jam

I think you may not clearly understand how much I love blackberries.

Let’s just say that if I had to pick one fruit to live off of, it would be blackberries.

Because of this obsession affection, I’ve gone out twice since my last blackberry recipe about a week ago.  We’ve got bags of frozen berries to help us through the winter.  (Well, unless I continue to use them like I have been.)

You might remember that I made some very tasty strawberry freezer jam early in the summer.  (Amazingly enough, we still have some left – which is very impressive for my house.)  Anyways, it turned out so good, that I decided to take some of my blackberries and make a little blackberry jam, too.

The Recipe:

Same as here, except substitute 3 c crushed blackberries (that you can sieve to remove seeds) for the strawberries – and use 5 1/4 c sugar.

(Yes, 5 1/4 c — this is not a recipe for those afraid of sugar.  It’s so worth it, though!)

The Results:

I kinda love re-doing a recipe I’ve done before with just minimal changes.  It means I actually know what I’m doing – always a bonus!

My only hiccup was that I attempted to sieve my berries.  My oldest had destroyed our largest strainer last week (long story), so all I had was a small one.  I dumped in some berries and tried to push out the liquid – but it really didn’t work well.  So I decided to bite the bullet and just deal with seeds.  I think we’ll survive, somehow.

The blackberries got pretty liquidy with just the potato masher this time.  But that means it sucked up all that sugar very quickly.

And it make 4 pints worth of jam — well, a little bit more.  But since I didn’t have anymore jars, I had to test out the jam to make sure it was okay.

It was.  The several spoonfuls I had confirmed that it was marvelous.  (Obviously good enough to eat on its own, with a spoon. 🙂 )

I’m very excited to have these gems waiting for us this winter.

If they make it that long.

(Also, I would really like to thank Chef in Disguise and  A Dash of Sugar and Spice for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Check them out, they have some amazing recipes.)


10 thoughts on “Blackberry Freezer Jam

  1. This will be great to have on hand during the winter. I’ve actually never made homemade jam before, but I always hear that it’s so simple. I know it’s much tastier, that’s for sure! Yours looks great, Courtney. xx


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