Pickle Pot Results

Grrrr.  Can you tell I’ve been avoiding posting this.

I guess it’s not all bad news.  But it wasn’t the resounding success I was hoping for, that’s for sure.

Okay, drumroll please…

Four objective judges: one man, two women, one lovely young lady.

Two liked my husband’s pickles, one couldn’t decide, and one like mine.

Hubs is having a field day, of course.  I’m choosing to move on in an adult-like and mature fashion.  (Which means only a little bit of pouting, minimal dirty looks, while refraining from tossing any pickle juice in his smug face.)

Anyways, I did get points for the spear shape – but his allegedly had a more traditional dill flavor.  They were both pretty darn spicy, so cut back on the garlic and mustard seed if you are not a spice person (aka you don’t want to have pickle breath for three days – honestly).  I do have to say, mine did taste best in a great tuna salad.

But really, overall, I’m okay.

Because I did beat him at Crumpets.



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