Back to the Market: A Tasting Tour

Like I mentioned last week, Hubs and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

It’s pretty exciting – not only because we’ve made it through 11 years, five careers, two boys, two houses, one dog, and I’d say about 20 fish (six of which are the only ones left alive…long story) – but because we had a weekend out.  Away from said house, boys, dog, and fish.  By ourselves.  Alone.

This is serious.  And very, very rare.  (Kind of like a tropical disease, you might say).

Anyways, we ended up in downtown Seattle, eating and shopping our way through the days.  One of the best things we did, though, was use our Christmas present from earlier this year to go on a Tasting Tour of the Pike Place Market.  As I’ve written about before, we kinda love the Market.  And we were so excited to go without the little people.  Plus this tour would take us off the beaten track and promised to show us things we’ve never seen or tasted before.

Our expectations were not only met, but greatly, greatly exceeded.

We met up with our tour guide from Seattle Food Tours, Penny, at a little Chinese tea place, The Vital Tea Leaf, that we had never visited before.  After about seven tea tastings (that filled our veins with loads of caffeine) and listening to our tour guide’s informative and hilarious stories about tea and the Market in general, we were off together to explore.

I take no credit for these photos… I was too busy eating, chatting, laughing, and learning to actually take any pictures.  Any and all pictures here are from the Seattle Food Tours website.

Hubs is quite a foodie, if you haven’t guessed – so he was in heaven meeting all the owners of these small shops and tasting all sorts of new stuff.  He loved The Truffle Cafe where we got to sample several truffle oils and truffle salt.

It was a little overpowering for me … but I was in heaven when we got to go gelato tasting.  And when I had my very first crumpet, with butter and honey.

Who knew these were so good!  I am definitely researching recipes to make some of these bad boys.  Yum!  (If you happen to have a good one, please share!)

Besides all the delicious food we got (which was a LOT – way more than I got when we did the Chicago Chocolate Tour), we soaked in all the interesting historical information about the Market.

I was surprised at how much we didn’t know.  And it was really fun learning about our local area.

So, overall, a great way to spend two and a half hours: we felt smarter, fuller, and our taste buds stretched.

I would highly, highly recommend it should you ever visit Seattle – or if you live here and want a good time out and about.


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