Things I’ve blown up in a Microwave

I really would’ve like to cook something this week.  As in a real meal.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, Hubs has taken the oldest away for a 3 day/2 night camping extravaganza.  That leaves me home cooking for one (well, one and a quarter if you count the toddler).  And it leaves me camera-less and motivation-less for several days.

I mean seriously, I have no desire to cook for just me.  So… I’m practicing my “nuking” skills for leftovers in the good ole microwave.

As I popped in my first meal last night, I began to reminisce on all the things I’ve ruined/exploded in a microwave (lack of adult conversation can do this to you).  And I thought I’d share.

There’s the obvious, of course:

1. hot dog

(Who hasn’t ever done this?  I think it’s a teenage right of passage.)

2. popcorn

(Did you know that if you over-pop popcorn long enough, the bag turns black and smokes?)

3.  frozen vegetables

(This is just impressive because I was even attempting to cook veggies.  And peas are just awesome when they pop.)

4.  baby food

(FYI, if there is any aluminum/metal whatsoever, not a good thing – you’d think I would’ve already known this.)

5.  butter – still in the wrapper

(A whole new version of a meltdown.)

And then the not so obvious:

6. Jiffy Pop popcorn

(I was very young.  Like 10.  At a friend’s house.  We were curious what would happen.  Her parents were not impressed.)

7.  a digital thermometer

(Another fun teenage moment… I was trying to fake a fever.  To all those who want to do that, microwave some water and then place the thermometer in the water.  Do NOT ever place the thermometer in the microwave – it sparked with lots of mini-lightning bolts, fried the plastic, created the most disgusting smell, and ruined the microwave.   Sorry Mom, if you’re seeing this.  That’s why they broke.  Ooops.)

Anyways, as you can see, I’ve had a long tumultuous relationship with the microwave.  I think we’ve worked out our differences, though, and can now work together as a team. 

I’d love to hear any fun microwave stories you might have…


2 thoughts on “Things I’ve blown up in a Microwave

  1. When in high school I was making easy mac for the bf (now the hubs) after school and put the noodles in the microwave without any water. My mother was not happy. And the hubs still makes fun of me for it to this day.


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