Pickle Pot

I decided it was time to take it easy.  Time to pick something that I could not mess up.

But I also wanted to pick something that I loved – and something that I’ve never tried before.

So when I saw this recipe at Miz Helen’s Country Cottage for a Pickle Pot, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

Let me explain what a Pickle Pot is… well, it’s a pot/jar where you make pickles (I know, you’d never have guessed).  Anyways what’s great about a Pickle Pot is that after you pickle your first batch of cucumbers, you can just keep adding more (without repeating all the extras).  And the pickles get better and better with each new batch.

I can’t wait to see if it works!

The Recipe:

Pickle Pot, adapted from Miz Helen’s Country Cottage

1 quart glass container
1 yellow onion sliced
3 cloves garlic
3 c cucumber slices
2 t salt
pickling spice (see recipe below)
apple cider vinegar to cover onions and pickles
water to add to vinegar
In a clean glass container begin to layer with sliced onions, then sliced cucumbers. Sprinkle the top with 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1 clove of garlic. Repeat the layer and add 1 T of the pickling spice. Repeat the layer again ending with the last tablespoon of pickling spice and the remainder of the salt.   Continue to layer until pot is full.  I had three complete layers.
Fill the container 3/4 of the way full with vinegar and 1/4 with water until the cucumbers and onions are completely covered. Seal the jar tightly and shake up and down to distribute the seasons. Place in the refrigerator for 2 weeks before serving. 
As the Pickle Pot empties just add more cucumbers and onions and your Pickle Pot is always full all summer long.
Pickling Spice, from Food.com
3/4 T mustard seeds
3/4 T whole allspice
3/4 t coriander seeds
3/4 t whole cloves
1/2 t ground ginger
1/2 t dried red pepper flakes
1/2 bay leaf, crumbled
1/2 cinnamon stick (2 inches)
Mix all together. 
The Results:
Well, like I said before, I wanted something full-proof and this was.  Now, I can’t comment yet on how the flavor turned out, since I have to wait the obligatory two weeks.  But it sure looks good.

I think my cucumbers are beautiful.

I got some good cutting practice and actually used a mandoline-slicer for the first time (they honestly scare the bejeezus out of me).  No sliced off fingertips means a win for Courtney!

kinda love how you can see my reflection in the glass

Once you have your pot full of veggie-spice-vinegar goodness, be sure to seal tightly before you shake.  And make sure that it actually seals completely (mine did not, but I only had a small trickle of loss). 

Put it in the fridge… and wait. 

Gosh, I hope I can make it two weeks!


5 thoughts on “Pickle Pot

  1. Hi Courtney,
    Your Pickle Pot looks awesome! You have honored me with your post and I sure hope that you love your pickles. Most people can’t wait that two weeks to sample the pickles, so good luck with that. Let me know how you like them. Hope you are having a fabulous week!
    Best Wishes,
    Miz Helen


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