Local Treasure: Pike Place Market

Last Sunday was a beautiful day. 

Probably the prettiest day all year so far (well, until the “marine layer” rolled in around 3ish and ruined it all – I’m not bitter, though). 

Anyways, when it’s nice in Seattle (insert blue skies, sunshine, and a temperature of at least 60 degrees), we Pacific Northwesterners have to get outside and enjoy it.  It’s compulsive and very necessary – especially since we don’t know when it might happen again.  (The weather report is never to be trusted – just keep this in mind if you ever decide to visit.)

Okay, back to Sunday… when we got up and saw the bright blue skies and sunshine, Hubs and I decided to get the heck out of our house and head downtown to the Pike Place Market.  We packed up the troops and took off.

For those of you who have never been to a large farmer’s market, it’s an amazing place to be.  Bustling, busy, full of sounds, sights, and mouth-watering smells.  And for the record, I do not consider them to be even remotely in the same category as a grocery store.  Half the fun is the wandering, and I am never in a hurry to leave.  (Though with two kids and a missed nap, we did get to that point…eventually.)

Hubs and my Summer Resolution* this year was to start to transition to only buying fresh, organic, and mostly local food.  We’ve set up our twice monthly CSA boxes (Community Supported Agriculture – google it if you’d like more info), weekly milk delivery from a local farm, planted a large garden, and are getting fresh eggs from a good friend with chickens.  We’re also looking into purchasing our meat from local farms, as well.  This trip to the market was another way for us to continue towards our goal.

*(Didn’t know you could have one, huh?  It’s for those of us that gave up on our New Year’s Resolution about 5 months ago.)*

For this week’s meals, we planned to pick up some fresh fish, meat, and odds & ends of produce.  But somehow we ended up with a tad bit more.

I mean, how can you resist all this — and especially when they hand out free little sample bites of their ripest fruits.  And then, you’re caught – with three giant bags of produce to lug around on a tiny stroller.

We survived somehow.  (The fresh made mini-donuts, pain au chocolat, and bbq pork humbow may have helped a little.)

And then we came to the fish markets.  Our four-year old was enthralled with the fish throwers (though, keep in mind, you really don’t want to buy one of the thrown fish – they’re probably bruised).

I couldn’t get any good throwing pictures with my sad little point-and-shoot, so you’ll just have to trust me that it happened.  But I did get some amazing pics of these:



Two more heavy bags later.

Unfortunately, the butcher was closed on Sundays (not the smartest business decision, since the market was hopping), so no meats for us.  But that’s okay. 

The morning was so fun, and I think, overall, we did plenty of damage.  We could barely push the stroller up the huge hill outta there, it was so weighed down with our purchases.

Which, by the way, included 4 pounds of strawberries…

which I’m planning on using to make freezer jam.

Stay tuned.

We'll definitely be back.

7 thoughts on “Local Treasure: Pike Place Market

  1. Love it. Hey, if you find a good local place to buy meat & chicken let me know. I keep meaning to look into that more and never seem to get to it. I am thinking of buying some from the people affiliated with Full Circle, but again haven’t looked into it so much yet…


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