So close, and yet so far

I think I was starting to get a bit cocky.

I had a streak going — lots and lots of successes — and I was feeling like I could do no wrong.

But then I did.  I did something very wrong…

As you all know Easter is today.  One of the best Easter traditions is the dying of the Easter egg.  I’ve participated many times – and each and every time, those hard-boiled eggs magically appeared (well, maybe not magically, but my parents, husband, or friends always already had the eggs hard-boiled and ready to dye).

This year, I decided that the kids and I could dye some eggs during the week, so that they’d be all ready for the big Bunny.  The first thing we needed, of course, was hard-boiled eggs.

Now, I honestly thought that this would be an easy task.  I mean, seriously, eggs + boiling water = hard-boiled eggs.  Not exactly brain surgery, right?

Well, I wasn’t completely trusting of my own instincts, so I looked up how to hard boil an egg on the internet.  Surprisingly, there were lots of sites explaining this — and they were all completely different.  Some suggested boiling the eggs for x-number of minutes.  Some said to remove the pan from the stove-top immediately after hitting boiling, and letting them sit for a bit.  Others discussed soft boiling vs. hard boiling and the exact minutes needed for each.  My head was actually spinning from all the different ideas.

I decided, though, to go with the boil, remove, and let sit suggestion.  It worked well with my morning routine.  I could bring the pot to boil while cleaning up a bit, and just remove it afterwards.  Perfect.

This is where I should mention the fact that almost all the websites said very specifically to only let the eggs sit in the hot water for a short and specific amount of time.  I had read this…I knew this… and yet I still went upstairs to take a shower after turning of the stove.  I left it there while I got dressed and ready; and while I got my twelve month old up from nap and got him dressed, too.

As I came down the stairs, there was an odd odor.  It smelled kind of like egg.  Stinky egg.

I would like to imagine that this would’ve been a warning sign to me that things had not gone as planned.  That I maybe had messed up a bit…

But no. Nope.  I just assumed this was what hard-boiled eggs are supposed to smell like.  I put them in the egg carton and into the fridge.

And then promptly left the house for several hours.

When I got home, the smell still lingered.  I ignored it.

When Hubby got home, the smell still lingered.  He did not ignore it.  He immediately began searching for the cause of the smell.  When I casually mentioned I had hard-boiled eggs, he opened the fridge to check them out.

And then the smell did much more than linger.

It wafted. 

It advanced. 

It permeated.

I realized that perhaps something had gone wrong as Hubs pulled out the carton, and the stench grew stronger.

I immediately took the eggs out to the trash, but the smell would not leave.  Every single fresh food in our fridge was saturated with the aroma of rotten egg. 

It all had to go, too.

Oh, and I got to wipe down and disinfect the whole refrigerator to get the scent out.

Let’s just say we still haven’t dyed any eggs yet.  Hoping my mom might have some ready for the kids to use later today.

Happy Easter!


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