Birthdays, Barbeques, and Baby Teeth…

Oh, my.

I am planning on cooking this week.  I promise. 

Originally I was making dinner on Wednesday, but…

1. My husband got a new BBQ —  and

2. It’s been almost 60 and at least partly sunny for the past three days (I live in the Northwest – this is shorts and grilling weather here!)

So my breakfast casserole keeps getting pushed off.  It looks like rain tomorrow, so I’ll probably get to make it then.

Also, my littlest decided to ring in his first birthday (today!) by working on his twelve month molars.  A happy camper he is not.  And he wants me to hold him.  All the time.

Like even right now.  (He’s currently trying to grab the lights at the bottom of the keyboard.)

So expect a recipe post soon (weather un-permitting) and maybe one about the cupcakes I’m making… no they’re not from scratch, but I’m attempting to fancy them up with some colored frosting — and these toppers I made:

I just need to attach some lollipop sticks, and I’ll be set.

And now I shall go, as the birthday boy just tried to take a dive off my lap.

Happy Thursday.


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