Grocery Store Cheating

I know I said I’d try grocery shopping weekly, too… and I did, kind of.

Out here in the great northwest, they are trying to build up the AmazonFresh business.  It’s basically Amazon’s version of grocery home delivery.  They’ve had all these great free deals, so I thought I’d shop through them last week.

The pros: no dragging the boys through the grocery store, no looking like a complete idiot when I can’t find what I’m looking for, and no standing in the line (because you know I’ll get more than 15 items, am challenged when it comes to self-checking any kind of produce, and I swear I always end up behind the person writing a check  – who needs a price check – and who knows the checker personally and has to chat for 2o minutes about their kids; while I deal with a four-year old asking for every candy available in the aisle and an infant who’s ready to get out of the darn cart seat).

The cons: the price (if I wasn’t getting a great deal, it would be way too expensive), the darn totes they refuse to pick up, and the small issue of size…

Let me give you an example, I saw this bottle of mayonnaise for $4.00 and assumed it was full size.

Wrong!  It was a teeny picnic size bottle – literally four inches tall.  (That’s gonna last our family about 5 days.)   This happened with more than one item. 

One other plus was that the quality of produce was great — and I found the elusive Strawberry Eggo waffles (a favorite treat at our house that I can’t find at any of our local stores).

I guess as long as they keep giving me free deals, I’ll use them.  But I don’t think I can justify the expense otherwise.  I’ll just have to deal with real store..

and pray that I get behind the impatient, anti-social older gentleman in line. 

I can deal with his dirty looks at my kids, just as long as he gets through that line fast!


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