A Knife in the Hand is Worth…

a trip to the ER. 

I learned this – though thankfully, not recently. 

Today, I thought I’d share the main reason why I’m not a fan of knives.

One summer, home from college, I got a job at a cafe/bakery/bagel shop.  I was excited to be a hostess/server/barista/food prepper.  I knew I’d get lots of experience, and it was just down the road, so I’d be seeing all my friends and neighbors.

My first day was very low-key.  I was taken around and shown the ropes.  It was a crash course in everything, so I pretty much just watched from the back.  It looked easy, and since I’m really good at faking that I know what to do, I figured I’d be fine.

The next day was not as easy as I’d thought.  Suddenly I was making espresso, serving customers at their tables, and basically running around like crazy person.  I’ve learned that when I get like this, mistakes are made.  Big mistakes.

I went to slice a bagel with a very long, sharply serrated knife.  I was so smart that I held the bagel in the palm of one hand while slicing back and forth — blade towards me.  The bell on the door rang, and I looked up to greet the new customer.  And slooosh, I sliced right through the meaty part of my palm.  Like it was a stick of melted butter.

(This was seriously my second day of work.  I really know how to impress a boss.)

I didn’t scream at the sight of the big pool of blood soaking into the bagel and pooling on the counter.  (You have to realize how impressive this is, as I normally hate the sight of blood).  I casually grabbed a towel and wrapped it around the wound.  And pretended nothing had happened while cleaning up the mess.  (I really didn’t want to lose my job.)

It was about 5 minutes later when I passed out on the floor of the shop — towel soaked, that I realized I may have hurt myself more than I thought.  The other girl on shift called the owners, and I called my mom. 

And I had my first trip to the ER ever in my life.  And gained a fear of knives.

The owners kept me on staff (believe it or not) and learned all about the L & I process. 

(Really, I was helping them out, actually.)

And they bought one of these:

Very smart.


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