A Question of Knives

Wow, it looks like I actually have people reading this blog now.  Thank you all for stopping by and giving me a chance. 

Now I have a small favor…

Like I mentioned in my first post I have a small aversion to knives.  Actually, they pretty much terrify me.  I’m slowly working towards being more comfortable, but it’s small baby steps.

My husband, chef extraordinaire, loves knives.  He actually collects them – not officially – but the fact that he has about 20, makes him a collector (in my opinion).

They all have fancy names: boning, carving, bread, sudoku (wait, isn’t that a mind game?) — well some fancy one with an s and an o and a u.  Anyways, I hate them.  Especially his expensive blue steel one (though it does make me want to purse my lips like Zoolander).  They are hard for me to handle.  I think this is because I have tiny hands.  Seriously small hands.

So, I really need to find a knife that I can get comfortable with.  I have no idea what kind of blade — just something all-purpose.  It just needs to be mini-sized. 

Any thoughts?  Ideas?

Please.  I’d really appreciate it!

(Oh, and coming up tomorrow – I’m attempting risotto!  Should be interesting. 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “A Question of Knives

  1. Hello! I like you have small hands but I do like knives so much so that I used to sell them. I love these 2 knives. They are the most used in my collection and my go to knives. The small paring knife is great for slicing fruit or vegetables and it can be used to peel veggies and fruit if needed. The larger one is great for meat, cheese and smaller loaves of bread. I love this knife. I actully have 2 of these and take one with me when I need to cook somewhere else. Good luck!



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