Stealing my Thunder

Please join me in a little rant. 

My husband, the amazing cook, recipe designer, and general overachiever in the kitchen, has many tools at his disposal.  He has his expensive, chef-grade pots and pans.  He has an amazing Viking range.  He has thousands (okay, maybe dozens) of kitchen gadgets and doo-dahs to help him make the perfect meal.

I have a crock-pot.

Guess what he decided to cook his meal in today?  Guess what smells amazing in my house?  Guess what’s going to blow out any and all recipes I might try?

Haven’t figured it out?  Well, he decided that he’d try cooking in my crock-pot today.  And not some easy recipe from a book.  No, he had to design his own special Pork Carnitas recipe.  And it already smells like heaven.


One thought on “Stealing my Thunder

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