French Dip Results

Well, it wasn’t bad.  Not exactly what I was hoping for either.  But, actually, that wasn’t my fault.  Yay!

Let’s start with the rest of the meal cooking…

Overall, it went off fairly well.  I removed the beef from the crock pot and set it aside to rest.  (I learned about resting beef in one of the thousands of hours I’ve been forced to watch Food Network).  I went to strain the broth — and was almost met with disaster!  Usually when I’m straining something (like boxed mac’n’cheese) I just set the strainer in the sink becasue what I’m keeping is in the strainer.  Not thinking clearly – or at all! – I did what I usually do, place the strainer right over the sink.  Just as I was about to pour the broth into it, my husband yells, “WAIT!”

And then I realize what I was just about to do – dump all my good au jus right down the drain!  Phew, that was a close call!

Next, I went to cut the beef roast.  (And this is where my meal became something other than what I wanted).  Instead of being able to be cut into nice beef slices, my roast ended up more like pot roast.  Big chunks of beef were not what I was expecting.  But, and this is amazing, my husband said that it wasn’t my fault.  He admitted it was his fault for purchasing a different cut of meat than what was suggested.

I swear I almost fell over when he admitted that a cooking mistake was HIS fault.  I wish I’d had a video camera for that.

While all this was happening, my buns were toasting in the oven with some tots for our veggie.  (Sidenote, I’m thinking I may have to work on the healthy veggie side idea…)  And the only reason I knew to toast the buns in the oven and not our toaster was because I asked.  That’s how clueless I am.

Everything ended up tasting great, but I was a bit disappointed in the meat texture.  Next time I will definitely have to follow the recipe’s suggestion for the meat.

Bon Appetit!


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