Lemon Chicken Results

Well, there were only a few minor issues. 

I put together the rice while my husband was home.  Bad idea.  Let’s just say he had many pieces of advice, and I basically had to tell him to shut his mouth, but in a nice way I promise.  And when I went to fluff the rice, apparently I wasn’t doing it the correct way.  He, of course, demonstrated for me.  Really?!?  Because it was going to make such a difference which direction I fluffed in?  Deep breaths and we made it.

My biggest issue, though, was with timing.  We had an appliance repair person show up to work in the kitchen just as everything was supposed to come together.  And I may have accidentally forgotten to add the thickening sour cream mixture… but an hour plus after it was supposed to be ready, we sat to eat.

It looked good, and it actually tasted great!  The lemon sauce was really lemony and with a little extra salt, perfect (if you ignore the giant pieces of onion).  Even my four year old loved it, and he is my biggest critic.  The rice was a little bland, but it picked up the lemon sauce well.  I would definitely cook this recipe again.


3 thoughts on “Lemon Chicken Results

  1. Good for you! Just tell that hubby to get out if he wants a romantic dinner made by you alone one day! You will get there and I will encourage you all the way! I had to learn to cook young and now I really enjoy it, I”m sure you will too one day! Any way I can convince you to share the recipe? Look good!


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